BACK (Subject to Review) Double Elimination : Junior Boys (13-14) 120 to 149 lbs
Cornel Childs, Jr. MO State Champs
1 Cornel Childs, Jr. MO  ippon GOLD
Lucas Tatar MO SILVER
5 Jacob Crawley TN ippon BRONZE
Jacob Crawley TN
2 Jacob Crawley TN  ippon Tourny Champs
Yuya Ebihara TN GOLD Jacob Crawley
12 Jacob Crawley TN ippon SILVER Gabriel Evans
Owen Medrano TN First Place BRONZE Yuya Ebihara
3 Gabriel Evans MS  yuko
Gabriel Evans MS
6 Gabriel Evans MS ippon
JOVI WHEELER MO 2nd = Loser of 12
Losers Bracket
Lucas Tatar MO
loser of 1 7 Yuya Ebihara TN ippon
Yuya Ebihara TN 9 Yuya Ebihara TN ippon
loser of 2 Cornel Childs, Jr. MO
loser of 5
Owen Medrano TN 11 Yuya Ebihara TN ippon
loser of 3 8 Owen Medrano TN ippon 3rd Place
bye 10 Owen Medrano TN ippon
loser of 4 JOVI WHEELER MO
loser of 6

Cornel Childs, Jr. (MO), Rank:Yellow, Club: Kitokan Judo Club
Lucas Tatar (MO), Rank:Yellow, Club: Kitokan Judo Club
Jacob Crawley (TN), Rank:Blue, Club: Clarksville Judo
Yuya Ebihara (TN), Rank:White, Club: Tennessee Judo Academy
Owen Medrano (TN), Rank:Orange, Club: Bowen and Reagan Combative Arts and Fitness
Gabriel Evans (MS), Rank:Blue, Club: GULF COAST JUDO
JOVI WHEELER (MO), Rank:White, Club: Perryville Judo Club